16mm (Film Clip and Score)

16mm was inspired by the amazing production design and cinematography that is now commonplace in television and cinema. One can freeze a frame and that frame looks like it should be hanging in a museum. I wanted to create a static piece that felt like one was walking through the frames of a film. 16mm is abstract. The viewer can create his or her own narrative.

I chose to have the beginning and the end come out of, or go into the light. You may start at either end. The center of the piece is the middle of your narrative. The middle of this film is dark and murky though, and you will have to climb in or out of that darkness. I have provided you with stairs to do so. There are windows to provide some light and hope along the way. The sculptural elements are to give you different layers and struggles to work through. The red threads are tenuous lifelines, or veins. In laying out the placement of the mesh on the frames, I started humming different pitches that went with the placement of the mesh (high or low). I realized that my film clip had a score! The knitted mesh pieces are the notes. They sit within the grid, within intervals of five spaces. I have treated the spaces as lines on a staff.  This score does not resolve, as it is only part of a clip. 16mm is 16 feet long. The panels start out at a depth of 7.5 inches on each end. As you get further into the film you have to keep getting closer and closer. The panels get more and more shallow, drawing you deeper into the plot, until you come to the middle of your narrative at which point there is a cavernous pit set into one of the panels. No need to worry. I have given you a way out.

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