I am a sound and visual artist. As a sound artist, I compose, write lyrics, play multiple instruments, sing, record, perform live, and produce. During the pandemic I, as well as many other musicians tucked away in isolation, recorded a solo album. I wrote, performed, recorded, mixed, and produced OUTZEIT THE GEIST. I illustrated my lyrics with my pandemic “anxiety doodles”. For the cover I used the image of my painting “Reception” (2016). OUTZEIT THE GEIST has been released as a Limited Edition art piece.


What we have here is a dry plains dustbowl of gothic amusements. Rattling a bucket full of missing parts. Broken down carnival rides and screams heard along the midway. Creaky doors, creaky floors and windows that just won’t close. This is the traveling sideshow of character studies, character assassinations and twisted portraits that are OutZeit The Geist.

“For me this was a time of exploration and of departures. Leaning more heavily into song structure, this work is composed, but also utilizes improvisation in the arrangements. I wanted total control of everything, but also needed the performance to be spontaneous, with the uneasy sense of a rickety roller coaster about to fly off the rails. The songs are character driven narratives with the looseness of improve and the tightness of a control freak.”

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