Snyders Re-Dux is a series of thirty-six, 3 x 3 inch square images with hand drawn abstract or figurative elements that extend past the borders of the fixed square. They were drawn in the fall/winter of 2012. Snyder’s Re-dux was created by stippling with tiny dots, hash marks and drawing using graphite and colored pencils on prints of digitally manipulated extractions of a scan of a print of Frans Snyders’ “Still Life With Fruit and Vegetables”. The scan was made of the free hand out print from the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, CA. After the print was scanned and digitally altered, tiny sections varying from ½ – ¾ inch squares were blown up to 3 x 3 inch images and then printed with archival ink on 8 ½ x 11 inch archival “Fine Art Paper”. The stippling dots and hash marks technique was used in order to match the digital grain in the prints. By using this technique, the hand drawn elements merge and become one with the printed extraction. The work is altered further by extending beyond the 3 inch border of the printed image to transform them into entirely new and separate works. Snyder’s original becomes a hidden puzzle.


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