THE LITTLE PRINCESS • 2022                                              (With a wink and a nod to SAINT LUCY) 

Mixed Media • Sonic Interactive • Musical Instrument: 

Shirley Temple 16mm TV spot “The Little Princess” (as ribbon), Crocheted Steel Wire, Antique Metal Sequins, Metal Beads, Antique Millinery (Tattered) Tricotene Mesh, Antique Bullion Stars and Cord, Scrap Knitted Steel Filtration Mesh, Antique Doll Eyes, Banjo Strings & Tuners on Scrap Metal Housing (as resonator), Bells at the hem, Acrylic Paint on soft infant mannequin


72” T (plus Banjo Strings) x 24 inches W x 16 inches D • Banjo Strings Curled extend 10 above “head”
On Pedestal 10 inches T x 30 inches W x 18 inches D

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